Underground Metal Detector High Accuracy MD5500 LCD Portable Gold Detector Meter

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Hot Sale High Accuracy MD-5500 LCD Underground Metal Detector Portable MD5500 Gold Digger Treasure Hunter Gold Detector Meter


The metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify underground metals. Besides military using, they are widely used in: (1) Security inspection, public security organs’ ransack: (2) Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods; (3) Scan metal articles in mail or luggage; (4) Detect underground pipelines, cables; (5) Archeology, mineral exploration, find underground metal articles. Specifications: Power supply: 2pcs 9V battery (not including) Sensitivity: 22cm (for a us quarter) operation modes: All metal, DISCRIM,Notch,Auto notch Coil: 10″ waterproof search coil Audio: Three-tone audio Detected indication: LCD display Sound: 2.5″speaker or earphone (earphone not including) Battery Condition Indicator: yes Distinguish: ferrous and non-ferrous GB dimension:720x230x150mm Carton size:625x255x750mm(4pcs) G/N weight per carton:11.5/10kg Warranty: 2 years


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